What is a Newborn Care Specialist, Night Nanny, Doula or Baby Nurse and why should I hire one?

This is a FREE service provided for new parents to find reliable newborn care.


For just a couple of weeks or even for several months, you can have a professional Baby Nurse (a Registered Nurse, RN) or a Newborn Care Specialist, Doula, Night Nanny or Night Nurse help you care for your newborn while your household settles into its new routine.  If you need to maintain a round-the-clock regimen for baby or need specialized post partum care for yourself, a professional Doula might be just what the doctor ordered. A  Newborn Care Specialist can care for your new baby while you take the extra time to rest and recover.

If you have limited funds and are willing to work with an intern, Exclusively Baby Nurses will connect you with an educated Newborn Care Specialist intern who is working on her certification.  She will have newborn experience. They must have 1800 hours to be certified.   She will have, at her disposal and for your comfort, an experienced mentor for advice and counsel.  These NCS’s will charge between $15 – $20 hour. 

Day or night, you’ll take comfort in the personal attention of a  newborn care giver. She will  customize her service to fit your particular needs. She can provide insightful answers to all of your questions about your new baby. This expert care will be as good for you as it is for your baby.

Exclusively Baby Nurses will use their data base to that person for you at NO charge We use an amazing referral system which provides the nations best people to help you out.   These people are experienced and educated in newborns.  We have access to newborn care givers who have worked for high profile actors, government officials, sports figures and they understand the importance of confidentiality.  You will be impressed by what we can do for you.

              Here is what a newborn care giver can do for you:

Certified Newborn Care Specialist is highly educated and experienced in every aspect of newborn care to include but not to be limited to:

○  Preemie care
○  Multiples care
○  Scheduling
○  Bottle feeding
○  Lactation help
○  Reflux/Colic
○  Teach your baby to sleep through the night by 12 weeks of age
○  Night time duty
○  Round the clock duty
○  Education and support for parents
○  Nursery Setup
○  Problem solving

An RN or LPN  will offer more of a medical background which is imperative if you have a medical needs baby.  Many of the Newborn Care Specialists are also RN’s.  The combination of the RN and a Newborn Care Specialist…priceless.

A Doula is a mother’s helper and will be there for ‘you’.  She will do light housekeeping, sibling care and cooking.  She is educated in newborn care but will not have the expertise of a Newborn Care Specialist.  

Exclusively Baby Nurses’ charges no fee to find your Newborn Care Specialist. There are no hidden fees.(Please read the disclaimer at the bottom of this page)  Fill out an application and let us get started in our search for the perfect caregiver for your newborn.

Certified Newborn Care Specialists go through rigorous training (is also includes the RN’s and LPN’s) and if necessary an internship to assure that they are highly qualified to handle almost any situation.  CPR Certification is a must and many of your Newborn Care Specialists are insured. Check out the requirements for Newborn Care Specialists. Not all applicants  who applies will be referred by Exclusively Baby Nurses. We place only the best. You can be assured that when we place someone in  your home, you are hiring the best.

Should you require someone to come into your home and consult with you on any issues that pertain to newborn care, we can provide qualified consultants that would be happy to spend some quality time with you answering any questions you may have.

Client understands and acknowledges that Exclusively Baby Nurses does not provide background clearance information with the attached profile. Client shall be responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the information each temporary caregiver candidate provides. Client shall, at Client’s sole cost and expense, indemnify Exclusively Baby Nurses, from and against all liabilities, claims and damages (whether known or unknown) arising from or related to Client’s negotiation or employment of any temporary caregiver. To the fullest extent permitted by law, Client knowingly waive all claims, causes of action and damages (whether known or unknown) against Exclusively Baby Nurses arising from or related to Client’s negotiation or employment of any temporary caregiver, or any act or omission of any temporary caregiver. I have read and understand the terms of this Understanding and Release.

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