Exclusively Baby Nurses is under the management and watchful eye of an experienced Certified Newborn Care Specialist.  Formally an agency, Ms Hamm has decided to make it easier on new parents with a policy of ‘no charge’.   Nancy Hamm has over 25 years of hands on experience with newborns and is personally involved with the RN’s, NCS’s, Doulas who are referred out by Exclusively Baby Nurses.  Many of them she mentors on a regular basis. Most of them she has trained through one of the most extensive programs in the nation.

Ask if your care giver is certified by the NCSA.  Certification guarantees that she is highly experienced, background, reference checked, has her CPR updated and passed an extensive test on newborn care.

Ms Hamm is aware of what you want in a newborn care giver and will find the best person for your position.  Whether it is a night only job or a round the clock position, she can find a person who will fit into your home and bring the peace and consistency you are looking for.

Ms. Hamm has experienced and educated ladies all over the U.S. If there is not someone in your area, you can fly someone in (at the parent’s expense).  If you only need night duty and have an extra room, your NCS can stay with you during the day.  Generally she will not be visible during the day.   Chances are she will be out exploring the area, unless you need her.  She is responsible for her own meals.

Ms. Hamm also sponsors interns who have been educated and have newborn experience but need more hands on experience with newborns.  An intern will change less than an experienced NCS but will have the Ms. Hamm or another highly experienced NCS available at all times for help and mentoring.  If you would consider an intern for your newborn care please indicate that on the application you fill out.

Once you have reviewed the profiles you can interview in person, by SKYPE or by phone.

As per our attorney: Client understands and acknowledges that Exclusively Baby Nurses does not provide background clearance information with the attached profile. Client shall be responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the information each temporary caregiver candidate provides. Client shall, at Client’s sole cost and expense, indemnify Exclusively Baby Nurses, from and against all liabilities, claims and damages (whether known or unknown) arising from or related to Client’s negotiation or employment of any temporary caregiver. To the fullest extent permitted by law, Client knowingly waive all claims, causes of action and damages (whether known or unknown) against Exclusively Baby Nurses arising from or related to Client’s negotiation or employment of any temporary caregiver, or any act or omission of any temporary caregiver. I have read and understand the terms of this Understanding and Release.

Your acceptance of the provided profile is your agreement with the terms of this agreement.

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