Client Referral Form

Potential Clients:



If you are interested in finding a professional, expert, highly experienced and educated care giver for your newborn please please fill out the following form.  We provide the best the country has to offer.

If you have limited funds and are willing to work with an intern,  Exclusively Baby Nurses will connect you with an educated Newborn Care Specialist intern.  She will have newborn experience.  She will be working toward her certification for which she needs 1800 hours.  She will have, at her disposal and for your comfort, the owner of Exclusively Baby Nurses for advice and counsel.  Please contact us for more information or make a note on the application.

What can you expect to pay for a specialist working with a single baby?

Experienced Newborn Care Specialist –                 $25 up hourly ($30 – $35 average)
Round the clock                                                    $450 up  ($500 – $600 average)
Intern working on her certification                          $12 up hourly ($15 – $20 average)
Round the clock                                                    $300 up (average)

Here is how it work

1.  You fill out the form

2.  We post your position on Exclusively Baby Nurse sites (we never mention your name/address/phone or email address

3.  Qualified newborn care givers respond with interest and availability.

4.  We send you the profiles of the qualified people.

5.  You interview (in person if in the area) Skype or phone, one person or as many as you wish.

6.  You pick out the person best suited to your family.

7.  You sign a contract with that person and that person is then locked in to your time frame and will not look for other work during the allotted time.

8.  You spend the rest of your pregnancy knowing you will have the best care available in the nation for your newborn.

9.  Client understands and acknowledges that Exclusively Baby Nurses does not provide background clearance information with the attached profile. Client shall be responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the information each temporary caregiver candidate provides. Client shall, at Client’s sole cost and expense, indemnify Exclusively Baby Nurses, from and against all liabilities, claims and damages (whether known or unknown) arising from or related to Client’s negotiation or employment of any temporary caregiver. To the fullest extent permitted by law, Client knowingly waive all claims, causes of action and damages (whether known or unknown) against Exclusively Baby Nurses arising from or related to Client’s negotiation or employment of any temporary caregiver, or any act or omission of any temporary caregiver. I have read and understand the terms of this Understanding and Release.

Your acceptance of this profile is your agreement with the terms of this agreement. Thank you for your time.