Nursery Necessities

Because many first-time parents feel overwhelmed by trying to ensure that they have all of the necessary items for their new baby, we have made a list of things you will need and want.

*Items marked with an asterisk are the items you will need to have before the baby comes home from the hospital. Items that are underlined are highly suggested items.


____ *Changing table

____ *Changing table pad

____ *Changing table pad cover (terry cloth)-2

____ *Newborn diapers-100 minimum 7th Generation recommended       

____ *High-quality baby wipes1+ packages 7th Generation recommended

____ *Diaper rash cream

____ *Diaper pail

____ *Diaper pail liners or trash bags, whichever your pail requires

____ *Soap at every sink ( hand soap in pump bottle is easy)

Bathing/Health & Hygiene

____ *Newborn nail clippers-1

____   Baby emery boards-1 pack

____ *Nasal aspirator

____ *Saline drops-1

____ *Colic Calm, Colic Ease or Gripe Water for gas

____ *Thermometer (rectal is the only accurate thermometer – forehead not             recommended – ear – must be over 3 months to use

____ *Vaseline or KY Jelly (preferably a tube)

____   Small space heater (for bath time, optional and only needed in winter)

____   Infant towels-2

____ *Baby washcloths-2

____   Liquid baby soap ( Avalon, Aubrey’s, Burt’s Bees, Healthy Timez ) 1 bottle

____   Baby lotion- (Avalon, Aubrey’s, Burt’s Bees, Healthy Timez)1 pump bottle

____   *baby hair brush


Bottle Feeding Exclusively:

____ *Formula Baby’ Only Organic Formula (purchased only at Health Food Stores) Toddler’s Formula and the Honest Company (order on internet) (approved by Ped. for newborns. If you are considering Soy please talk to me first. Soy is NOT for babies.

____   Bottles-6 of the 4 ounce bottles (Dr. Browns needs no liner and Playtex Nursers             does need the liner)

____ *Bottles-6 of the 8 ounce bottles (Dr. Browns or Playtex Nursers)

____ *Nipples-slow flow-6

____ *Nipples-fast flow-6

____ *Bottle liners-1 large boxes of 4 ounce liners

____   Bottle liners-1 box of 8 ounce liners

____ *nipple basket for dishwasher

____ *bottle drying rack

____ *liquid dishwashing soap

____ *Burp cloths-5 or more (thick cloth diapers work great)

____ *Bibs-5 or more small

____  Breastmilk storage bags, if feeding expressed breastmilk

____ *Breast pump (if breastfeeding), hospital grade

 Clothing and Bedding

____ *a going home outfit (if you want one)

____ *Onesies (short sleeves; no legs)-10

____ *Sleepers (long sleeves; long legs)-5 or more

____ *Newborn gowns-8

____ *Receiving blankets-2 Miracle Blankets, 3 cotton weave stretch blankets

____ *Infant socks-4 (you don’t really need socks if baby is born during hot weather)

____   *Crib sheets- 3

____ *Crib sheet savers- 3

____ *Crib mattress pad (waterproof)-2

____   Crib bumper-I don’t recommend for safety reasons

____   Mobile

____ *Infant positioner


____ *Dreft detergent

____ *Zout for stains

____ *Small sock laundry bag or lingerie bag

____ *Laundry hamper for nursery

On the Go

____ *Infant car seat (with cushioned head supporter)

____   stroller-your choice, you know what features are important to you

____   Portable crib-Pack & Play (if you want one)

____   Extra sheet(s) for portable crib

____   Carrying pack

____ *Diaper bag-your choice, you know what features are important to you

____ *Plastic changing pad (will probably come in the diaper bag)

____ *Travel baby wipes case

____ *Antibacterial hand cleaner (small bottle)

____   Divided formula container for diaper bag


____ *Crib

____ Crib mattress

____ *Changing table

____ *Dresser, chest of drawers, or armoire for baby’s clothes

____ *Baby monitors

____ *Gliding, stuffed chair

____ *Ottoman for chair

____ *Side table large enough for clock, bottle(s), etc.

____ *Night lights-1 for baby’s room; 1 for each room where you will be at night

____ *7.5 watt bulb if you have a lamp

____ *Pacifiers-4

____ *Bassinet (optional)

____ *Bassinet sheets-2

____   Diaper stacker (optional, not necessary)

____ *Bouncy seats

____   Swing

____   Take-along swing (optional but quite convenient)

____ *Feeding pillow   Boppy Luxe

____   Nursery lamp (if you must buy, get a dark shade and dim bulb)

____   CD player and lullaby CDs for nursery (not necessary, but nice to have)

____   “White noise” machine

____ *Hangers-3 dozen or more

____   Closet “size” organizers (optional)-to organize the different sizes of baby clothes

____ *Nursery clock    – an electric clock with light up display

____ *Backup battery for the clock

____ *Small trash can for nursery

____ *Flashlight and extra batteries (one in nursery & others in the house)

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